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Ways To Reduce The Candidate’s Dropouts After Accepting The Job Offer

Hiring can be a challenging process despite the industry. Post the Coronavirus pandemic; the situation has become even more tedious. To combat such situations, recruiters have developed a systematic onboarding process to stop sudden fallouts and retain newly hired employees. However, there is no guaranteed solution.

Employees from different industries are attracted to various unique perks. For instance, the tech employee will be fascinated with the launch of new technology by the company, while the sales personnel will be attracted by the reward system. Hence, you need to understand how you can attract the attention of newly hired personnel and keep them from dropping out.

In this article, we’ll learn about various ways to reduce candidates’ dropouts after accepting job offers.

Let’s begin.

1. Employee Onboarding Should Be Prompt & Should Start Right After Offer Acceptance

Most companies usually wait too long to start engaging with incoming candidates. This is one of the key reasons why candidates drop out after accepting the job offer. In order to reduce the overall dropouts, you must start the onboarding process immediately after the candidate has accepted the offer letter. You can create a day-by-day pre-boarding checklist. It is vital to note that you have to personalize your onboarding process based on the type of your business, industry, and role for which the candidate was hired.

2. Encourage Your Candidates To Update Their Social Media

Social validation is a stronger force than you think. Candidates who have already updated their social media profiles, including Linkedin titles, are more likely not to drop out. Consider their social media update as a way to onboard them and welcome them publicly.

3. Introduce Them To Other Employees of Your Team

Mostly dropouts happen because the selected candidates get influenced by the harmful elements of society. It is essential to ensure that you build a good rapport between incoming hires and the team. Also, initiate a relationship between your team and your candidates before it’s too late. Here are a few ways in which you can introduce the selected candidates to the other employees of your team.

● Introduce the candidates to your team members over an email thread.
● Connect everyone in a Whatsapp group.
● Invite the candidate to team-building activities.

4. Show Them The Future

New joiners are nervous about their future in the company. Navigating their way around newly hired employees can be challenging, and this is where you can help. This is your unbeatable chance to ignite their excitement about their scope of growth in the company. Share the perks associated with working in the company and how you can nurture and polish your skills by working for the company, ensuring mutual growth.

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